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The Week of Nightmares [Sep. 5th, 2007|11:39 pm]
The Intrepid Heroes
Yalis stands in horror of what commoners are quickly referring to as the Week of Nightmares, when the whole of Kordea was consumed in fire for nearly three full days. A cloud of thick black smoke hovered over most of the city and looting was rampant. Even after the fires smoldered and people returned to what was left of their homes, reports continued to spill in concerning mysterious disappearances and strange alien-like creatures wandering the streets. Better known as bodaks, these are alien-like creatures roamed free while most of the sun was blocked out by the cloud. Killing with a look, victims would become one of them after 24 hours. Hundreds were turned.

It took a week, but most of the bodaks have been killed or driven to the sewers. Many are dead, burned or driven to walk as the undead. Others are broke and homeless, their houses burned and their possessions looted. Yalis surely has a deep scar to recover from....