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For those not aware... [Aug. 17th, 2007|01:12 pm]
The Intrepid Heroes

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Pictures from the Game Before Last [Jul. 30th, 2007|11:34 pm]
The Intrepid Heroes

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Numbers [Jul. 29th, 2007|09:07 pm]
The Intrepid Heroes
Skanky Pete's keelboat has a set of three magic riggings (not sails, as I thought) which allow it to be ran by one sailor. Daskon's little magical game with fire destroyed one of those riggings (as well as the sails). It now requires five people to run the ship. Each of these magic riggings cost 8,100gp each.

All 16th levels get 200 XP for combat.
All 15th levels get 250 XP for combat.
All 14th levels get 350 XP for combat.
Yes, this includes those that stayed until the basilisk and those that left rather...quickly.

Leandra: After reading your history I've decided to reward you with 3,750 XP.
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Rules Clarification [Jul. 24th, 2007|04:22 pm]
The Intrepid Heroes
For the past few weeks I've been doing various D&D research and since then I think I understand how the rules work concerning ability penalty spells (such as touch of idiocy and ray of enfeeblement).

They work somewhat how we've been playing them and bear a striking resemblance to buff spells. Basically, if you ray a person, you can't keep penalizing their STR until it hits 1 (the attacks don't stack). But you can keep attacking them with the ray hoping you will get a better roll. If a sorcerer rays a fighter for 3 (the roll) + 5 (the base) for a total of 8, then another attempt with a roll of 1 won't do anything and a roll of 4 will change the 8 penalty to a 9 (but won't make it 17). (Just like if you have a belt of strength +2 and you get bear's endurance, you'll get a +4, not a +6, bonus to strength.)

For the record, if a penalty spell gets removed somehow, then the penalty is effectively reduced to zero, allowing any new penalty spell to have its full effect. (Again, just like bonuses of the same type--a dispell magic on a belt of strength +2 while the person has bear's endurance won't change their +4 bonus to a +2; instead it will keep it at +4. One must target the spell on the creature to reduce the bonus.)
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News Break [Jul. 23rd, 2007|10:24 pm]
The Intrepid Heroes
Since your characters will be spending 2-6 weeks (depending on if you needed to be raised) in and around the city, I thought it might be appropriate to rely the latest news and rumors from the city.

-The Adamantine Armory have recently secured the Waning Beach, which rests west of Yalis. The reclaimed territory stretches all the way to the delta of Galata River (the very same river Sephar lies along).

-The pace has stalled along the northern battle line as the front approaches the legendary Utopia Tree. The druids of Eamon's Glen fear the raging warriors will carelessly harm the plant and are drawing plans to protect it.

-Military funeral ceremonies have become more common at the Temples of Pelor, Erythnul, Wee Jas, Gruumsh, and Correllon Larethian. Clerics are also having a hard time keeping up with resurrections (especially true resurrections).

-Two prisoners of war--a male dwarf and a female human with dark red hair--escaped from the Armory's extensive jail cells. They were last seen at the Merfolk Bazaar. Both are suspected to be experienced wizards and extremely dangerous.

-An unusual number of fires have been reported in Kordea and Churning (including a major inferno probably started at an abandoned house). Yalis officials believe it is due to overzealous celebration due to recent victories. Visitors are advised to be careful.

-As settlers repair the irrigation systems north of Torrid Beach, rumors spread of angry creatures living in the natural wells the irrigation spreads from. The liberated locals refer to them as minor gods that live deep in the wells and demand tribute in return for using their water.

-A large ship carrying some sort of very large cargo was spotted heading to the Giant's Corner late at night several days ago. Since then, the giants seem to be around less often and the Corner seems to have grown louder.

-The Council of Nine is expressing concern of the City's emerging interest in "beetle blow," or the ground up parts of the amber beetle native to the Kola-don Desert. More reports come in that locals are becoming addicted to this drug.

-A party formed of goblins is creating a great deal of stir in Yalis. Primarily based out of Patchwork, the "Rabid Raiders" sport roughly ten members and are rumored to be preparing for attacking the Tome of El-Adami Selen.

-In an effort to regain lost prestige, the Silver Sky is rumored to be working on a new flying machine--one of which could destroy an entire army.

-The Arcanus Circle announced at the most recent gladiator combat at the Stadium that they will offer a 100,000gp reward to anyone that will retrieve the Bottle of the Genies. Their research points to the distant city of Kadikoy and a strange (but historically familiar) cave recently discovered just off the farmable land.

-Steeltown is hot with active forges as the Adamantine Armory orders new weapons to maintain its expanding weaponry. Among the items made are a slew of cold iron weapons, supposedly made in response the disappearance of failed raid on the Tome of El-Adami Selen. Most insiders report that a new attempt will be executed shortly.

-A dwarven paladin by an unknown name was seen cornering Astidious Flint just outside his estate a few days ago. The paladin did not harm Flint but demanded information concerning some sort of artifact. Flint advises the wealthier citizens of Yalis to keep an eye out for this rogue paladin and suspects he is an agent of the Mican Empire.

-The Temple of Eyrthnul announced it is offering a 10,000gp reward for each eliminated member of a group of adventurers that the temple once sponsored. The Slaughter Hounds Five have apparently "gone soft," having abandoned their criminal activities. The party members include a female human bard (Ruby Ruse), a male orc rogue (Stabs), a male gnome cleric (Gumble "Ashblood" Nonjel), a male gnome wizard (Gimble "Fireblood" Nonjel), and a female minotaur barbarian (Talalax). They were last seen at the Horizon Docks. In addition to the rewards, the successful group may lay claim to any gear or gold the party member had, save for the few items marked with a symbol of Eyrthnul.

-Homes for sale at the Gold Coast are quickly being snapped up, often by AA generals coming back with spoils of war. The interest is so fierce, druids from Eamon's Glen are considering to "grow" a small peninsula just off the coast for purposes of development. The Temple of Pelor, however, has concerns that such a development might interfere with their view of the sunrise. The Council of Nine might be called upon to listen to the concerned parties and advise.
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Who's going to be there tonight? [Jul. 20th, 2007|07:18 am]
The Intrepid Heroes

[mood |tiredtired]

I will try to make it (let's say 75% sure), but I'm not sure if I'll be able to depending on whether I have to work late & feel up to the drive after getting 3 hours of sleep last night. I'll call once I know.
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XP [Jul. 17th, 2007|11:33 am]
The Intrepid Heroes
Since we left off so late game night, I forgot to assign XP for killing things.

All 14th levels gain 1890 XP. Since Scias was there for only the last few rounds of the encounter, after virtually everything was dead that was going to die (but he did help with the escape), he gains one-fifth of that: 378 XP.

All 15th levels gain 1500 XP, assuming your character will be raised.
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Death's Door [Jul. 16th, 2007|11:48 pm]
The Intrepid Heroes
When we last left our intrepid heroes, three brave party members met their fate and died in glorious battle. (It occurred to me after the game--and I may be wrong here--that Bri was also benefiting from the spell that pumped Con; when the spell ended her -9 suddenly became WAY lower than -10.) The other three barely escaped with their lives, and only at the benevolence of their foe.

Since Bri's body was left behind, she no longer has access to any of her gear. I'll need a complete list of that as it is now part of the treasure hoard. (Note that you do not need Bri's body to raise her.)

Anyone interested in starting a new character should come to game with one made. You will be 14th level. Your starting gold is 150,000gp. If you make a new character, the party will still have to pay to have you raised--it's the only way (that I know of) to discover that the character does not want to comeback to life. The character could also want to come back to life but is interested in ending her time as an adventurer.

For the record, the total costs of raising all three party members is 86,475gp. It will also take you a few weeks to line three (or even two) resurrections, not to mention the time it will take to sell gear to pay for the spell. I estimate that about 4-6 weeks of game time will pass.
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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday [Jul. 2nd, 2007|12:09 pm]
The Intrepid Heroes

Kevin had shown an interest in moving game from Friday to Sunday at least for the duration of the summer. Just wanted to let you guys know that Leandra and I would be okay with this since this would give us an opportunity to go to FNM. If no one else wants to do this, that's fine, but we sort of left it up in the air.
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Loot [Jun. 30th, 2007|02:45 pm]
The Intrepid Heroes
After looting the bodies, you find the following gear (with the following market price):

3 +4 adamantine longswords with Adamantine Armory insignias (32,315gp each)
2 +3 shocking adamantine small short swords with Adamantine Armory insignias (32,310gp each)
3 +1 mighty (+5) composite longbows (2,900gp each)
1 +2 heavy crossbow (4,350gp)
2 +3 heavy steel shield with Adamantine Armory insignias (9,170 gp each)
1 +4 full plate with Adamantine Armory insignias (17,650gp)
1 +4 bracers of armor with Adamantine Armory insignias (16,000gp)
3 +6 gauntlets of giant strength with Adamantine Armory insignias (36,000gp each)
2 +6 gloves of dexterity with Adamantine Armory insignias (36,000gp each)
5 +4 belts of constitution (16,000gp each)
3 +4 amulets of natural armor (32,000gp each)
2 +3 amulets of natural armor (18,000gp each)
4 +5 vests of resistance (25,000gp each)
5 +4 rings of protection (32,000gp each)
1 +4 cloak of charisma (16,000gp)

Anything without an insignia can be sold at half market price immediately.
Anything with an insignia can be sold at ten percent market price immediately.
Assuming you keep nothing and sell everything immediately, the total is: 293,480.5gp

Cost to ID everything (excluding the longswords since you were told that): 4,125gp
Cost to resurrect slain party members (including UK subsidy): 43,237.5gp
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